Hi, i'm Sam! I'm 18 and from Manchester.
My blog is awful don't even think about following me unless you like that bit in 212 where she sounds cool as'



came back to tumblr for a second just to reblog this

came back to tumblr for a second just to reblog this

summoning ALL of my energy to not message someone why they just unfollowed me and considering packing tumblr in, its shit 

"OMG have to watch adventure time when i do acid!!" bored after 2 mins

Boom Shake Shake Shake The Room is a prime of example of why people talk shit when they say that commercial stuff sucks and why all the famous people that are famous are USUALLY/PROBABLY thevery best at what they do 

yeah have a favourite band and all but if they were THAT good they’d get the attention they deserve. 

niche don’t get tha party started

Played 19 times

Up Up Down Down- I’m Holding Hands With Me

My last time, wasting the weeks and tired days between. Now I take myself on dates, Holding hands with me.

seriously, does this video make you angry?

ergh i bet jason segel had such a hard time delivering that “all kinds of stuff” bit to that random kid